Distance Learning

Studying at CradleTech gives you the unique opportunity to study and obtain job/career enhancing degree and certificates at your own pace.

Our Distance Learning offers opportunities to those who are in remote areas and those who may find it challenging to secure days off for training because of busy work schedules.

After participants complete registration process, including payment of required fees, access will be granted to the course guides for study. The resources include training materials and videos, case studies etc. that the participant can use offline for study at their convenience. Practical assessment questions will be given, to be done and submitted via dedicated email address.

Courses Available On Our Distance Learning

CLICK HERE to see Table for courses available on Distance Learning, cost and duration. For more information, please contact us.


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Register today and enjoy free data bundle!

We will provide 30GB data bundle to participants (This is for Nigerian Participants only) to help them complete the training process.

Our Virtual Classroom offers participants opportunities to have real time interaction with online Instructors to answer questions and provide clarifications.

On completing the training and assessment, certificates will be sent to your location via courier services. No additional fee applies for Nigerian participants.

In the course of the training, questions from participants will be answered through their emails, WhatsApp discussions, Facebook, Skype, ZOOM, etc.

distance learning through video conferencing software tools like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or Skype, etc. offers a number of benefits for those who want to improve their qualification even without disturbing their daily routine.

We will provide participants 30GB data bundle (This is for Nigerian Participants only) to help them complete the training process.